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Clarksburg, MD

Clarksburg is named for Native American trader John Clarke, and was established at the intersection of the main road between Georgetown and Frederick and an old Seneca trail. One of its earliest white inhabitants was a man named Ashford Dowden, who in 1752 received a patent for 40 acres (160,000 m2) from the colonial government, and two years later permission to build an inn.

The inn itself is a footnote in history, hosting the army of General Edward Braddock during the French and Indian War, serving as a meeting place for local Sons of Liberty in the years before the American Revolution, and possibly serving dinner to President Andrew Jackson on his way to his inauguration. Jamie, grandson of the trader, built a general store in the area around 1770, and over the next thirty years enough people moved to the area that Clark was appointed postmaster for the community. By 1875, Clarksburg was a major town in the northern part of the county, but the construction of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad undermined its economy, and by the late 20th century Clarksburg was barely a shell of its former self. Most of the original buildings are gone, but the area has been rebuilt as a suburban bedroom community, and is again a major population center.

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Piedmont Park

Old-fashioned picnics, romantic walks and playing catch with the kids are all summer favorites in Clarksburg Town Center. Sunny days are made even sunnier when you’re spending the day with family and friends in your favorite park. Whether you’re practicing your tennis swing at the tennis court, playing fetch with your pup in our dog park or training them to use our doggie agility equipment, there's memories waiting to be made.

Meet Your Neighbors. Neighbors are an important part of Clarksburg Town Center. Whether we’re looking for someone to go jogging with or we need an emergency sitter, neighbors provide a built-in support network for many needs we may have. Regularly we will highlight a neighbor or two. So please enjoy, and don’t forget to say hello at our next backyard barbeque.

Open Air Pavilion. The Town Center green will host the community’s Farmers Market, selling the freshest fruits and vegetables available, and host such community activities as art shows and craft festivals. Consider it shopping right in your back yard. Bumping into friends and meeting new people will happen all the time. You won't have to pile your family in the car to have a good time.